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POS: Transactions & Orders

  • Customizing Order, Payment and Action Options

  • How to Close Multiple Held Orders at Once

  • How to Reprint to Kitchen Receipts

  • Split Bills

  • Call Numbers

  • Auto Gratuity

  • Donations Feature

  • How to price check an item

  • Rewards on the Point of Sale

  • Repeat Recent Order

  • How to Apply Discounts to Orders

  • Closing an Order With a Negative Balance

  • House Accounts on the POS

  • How to Add Credit Card Tips on the Point of Sale

  • House Accounts

  • Refunds: House Account Payments

  • Refunds for Excess Payments

  • Refunds: Cancelling an In Progress Refund

  • Refunds: Refunding Tips Only

  • Refunds: Credit Card Present Returns

  • Refunds: Receiptless Returns

  • Refunds: How to Void & Refund in QSR/TSR

  • Refund, Void, Comp, or Exchange Items

  • Gift Receipt Exchanges

  • Store-to-Store Returns

  • Voids & Returns Across Verticals

  • Managing the Call Name Prompt

  • How to Resolve Orders Not Synced to Server Error

  • How to Add Tips in Bulk on the Point of Sale

  • How to Reprint Receipts on the Point of Sale

POS: Transactions & Orders