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POS: Transactions & Orders

  • Managing the Call Name Prompt

  • How to Resolve Orders Not Synced to Server Error

  • How to Add Tips in Bulk on the Point of Sale

  • How to Reprint Receipts on the Point of Sale

  • Running a Cash Transaction

  • Running a Test Transaction

  • Credit, Manual Credit, and Credit + / Credit Plus?

  • How to Manually Batch Uncaptured, Offline and/or Declined Credit Card Transactions

  • Running a Credit Transaction

  • Store Credit Guide

  • How to Round Up on Cash Transactions

  • Quick Course/Seat Menu

  • Retail: Layaway

  • TSR: Course Fire

  • TSR: Moving Tables and Merging Orders

  • TSR: Transferring Order Owners

  • TSR/QSR: Preauthorizations and Linking Cards to Bar Tabs, Tables and Orders

  • Invoices & Deposits

  • Voucher Payments

  • Future Orders

POS: Transactions & Orders