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Common Question about POS Functionality

  • How Do I Change My Printer Font on the Point of Sale?

  • FAQ about the Phaseout of iOS 9

  • How to Close Multiple Held Orders at Once

  • I forgot my iPad/Apple ID password – what now?

  • Is there a Time Limit to Capture Transactions?

  • How Do I Refund Debit Card Transactions?

  • Can I Accept Tips on a Debit Card Transaction?

  • What should I do if my iPad updated to a new iOS prematurely?

  • What iOS Versions Do You Support?

  • How to Reprint to Kitchen Receipts

  • How to Disable Auto Cash

  • How to Force Shut Down/Restart the iPad

  • How to Force Quit the iPad POS Revel App

  • How to Reconnect to the Revel Network

  • How Do I Know What Version I'm Using?

  • Setting iPad (POS, KDS and CDS) to a Static IP Address

  • How to Add Credit Card Tips on the Point of Sale

  • Forced Photo Clock In

  • Setting a Point of Sale Station as Main

  • Troubleshooting: “Product is out of stock” Error When Ordering

  • How to open a held order

  • What is the Difference Between Logging In and Clock In?

  • How can we check delivery eligibility for addresses from the POS?

  • Requiring a Dining Option

  • How to Activate and Deactivate Nested Menus

  • How many bar tabs can I hold at once?

  • Can I prevent employees from clocking in before their shifts?

  • How to Remove Photo on Product that was Added via Photo Edit Mode

  • Are email addresses saved when email receipts are sent?

  • Can employee clock-in photos be viewed in the backend?


Common Question about POS Functionality