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  • What is the maximum number of SKUs the Revel POS can manage?

  • How to Set Barcodes/SKUs Automatically on Products, Modifiers and Ingredients

  • Barcodes Guide

  • Price Life Cycle

  • Kitchen Print Options

  • Age Verification

  • How to Deactivate a Category/Subcategory/Product/Modifier

  • Where Can I Find Inactive Products?

  • Percent Markups

  • Weighted Products

  • Variable Pricing

  • Setting Up Product Cost and Dynamic Cost

  • Coupons Guide

  • Commissions Setup Guide

  • How to add leading 0’s to existing barcodes

  • Adding a Custom Message to Products on the Point of Sale

  • How to Prompt For Quantity on Products

  • Products Setup Wizard

  • Adding Products to Your Menu

  • Product Import Export (QSR/TSR)

  • Basic Product Details

  • Basic Product Details QSR/ TSR

  • Moving Products to Different Categories/Subcategories

  • Updating Products' Inventory Settings

  • Editing Product Details with Copy Value(s) To

  • Product Import Export (Retail)

  • Product Description

  • Assigning Additional Categories to Products

  • How to Add Images to Products

  • Product Classes