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Anything marked with an asterisk (*) is not available until Version 2.51, which you may not be using yet. Here's how software updates work with Revel:

  • Your Management Console will automatically upgrade to the newest version in early June. No action is required!
  • Your new Revel Point of Sale app will be available shortly after that. Once it's available, head here for update instructions.


Revel offers its own platform for online ordering. This feature is available for purchase in addition to any monthly hosting fees and/or other monthly services. Please contact our sales representatives if you would like to explore the option to add online ordering to your Revel POS system. Once you have submitted payment for online ordering, the online ordering functionality will be enabled for you. Your sales rep or support member will then give you a URL that will link to the website, usually in the format of:

The client URL is what clients use to log into the Management Console, and the number is the establishment it will be associated with. Please contact Revel Support if you would like to modify the content in the "About" section of your establishment. Once the functionality is enabled, you will need to:

  • Configure the settings pertaining to online orders
  • Select which items you would want to include on the website in addition to any time constraints that you would like to enable for customers.


Online Ordering Settings

Online ordering settings can be configured in the Management Console under Settings > Online Ordering Settings.

Here, you can control the way your customers interact with your online ordering interface. Go through one by one and check any boxes and or fill in any fields that may apply to your particular business. If you have a question about a particular setting, hover your mouse over the question mark to populate the tip text containing the explanation for that particular setting, as shown in the image below. Once all desired settings have been checked and completed, scroll up and hit "Save".



Time Tables

Time Tables allow you to to set up the available dates and times for your online ordering. To set up Time Tables:

  1. In the Settings tab, click Clear Selections and then check the box next to Online Ordering Settings from the left sidebar.
  2. Click the blue Time Tables link in the top right of the online ordering settings page.
  3. Next, click the blue + Add a Timetable link.
  4. Here, you can enter the times your store is open. This is crucial for online ordering. You can enter the open to close hours for each day individually, or use the All option if your hours are the same everyday.
  5. If applicable, fill out the Start Date and End Date fields directly below the hours table. This will show the date your business opens to the date your business closes. If you leave these fields empty, your business will show as open every day during the hours you entered above.
  6. If you are going to be closed on a specific date, you can enter it as a holiday. To do this, click the blue + Add a Holiday link. Fill out the Holiday Name and the date you will be closed. If you are going to be closed for multiple days, click the + Add a Holiday link and repeat, creating a holiday for every single day you will be closed.
  7. Click Save in the top right corner when done. timetables.png


Custom Menu

The second part of the setup will determine what and when products/items will be offered on your online menu/product list.

  1. On the Products page, click "Custom Menus" on the left-hand side of the screen. Select "Mode" from the Application Type dropdown list. Setting the Application Type to Mode will make the following four preset menus readily available :
    • Online
    • Kiosk
    • Menu Board
    • Bar
  2. For Mode / Station, select "Online" from the dropdown list. Selecting "Online" will determine which products appear on the website.


  3. Click the pencil icon on the right-hand side of the newly created custom menu to edit your online menu/product list and time slots.
  4. On the settings page, click "Edit Effective Dates/Time". Clicking on any one of the letters corresponding to calendar days will allow you to populate the days and times that you would like the online platform to be accessible to customers. Click "Save" once finished.
  5. Under the "Included Products" section, in the dropdown list, check items that you would like to appear on the website, and uncheck items that you would not like to include on the website (usually for items that are under a Catering category, alcoholic beverages subject to age restrictions, etc.).
  6. Once the timeslots and the included products have been set, click the "Save" button in the upper right corner of the page.


    Note: By default, all products under "Included Products" that were uploaded into the system will be checked in the dropdown list. Any new products added in the Management Console after going live with the online platform will NOT be added automatically to the online platform. New products that will be offered online will have to be updated in the "Included Products" section as well.

Pushing Changes to the POS

This process will take 15 minutes before the changes are pushed to the online menu/product list.

  1. To push changes immediately, navigate to Settings > Online Ordering Settings and click "Refresh Menu" in the upper right corner of the screen.


  2. Once you've refreshed your menu, you can navigate to your online ordering establishment by typing in the URL given to you.

    An example of the online ordering platform is shown in the image below.


Placing an Online Order

  1. To place an order through the online ordering website, open up a browser and enter the URL in the address bar.
  2. The web page will direct you to the online ordering site with the corresponding product offering (menu/product list), as shown in the image below.


    NOTE: If an item is not available during the selected time and a customer tries to add it to the order, an error message will appear advising when the product is available for ordering: 

  3. Customers can create a new profile by clicking NEW USER? REGISTER in the upper right corner of the page. They may then fill in the required fields, and click Register at the bottom of the window to complete registration.

    Or, alternatively, existing users may log in by clicking LOG IN and keying in their credentials.

    Once logged in, users can edit their profiles by clicking on their name at the top right and then choosing Edit Profile. 

    Whether registering or updating existing profiles, customers can input their name, address, email and phone number.

    Optionally, they can add specific delivery instructions for each new address. Delivery instructions are helpful tidbits of information that will help the driver with delivering in a timely manner. You can add things like gate codes, house color, landmarks, etc. 

  4. Navigating the website is intuitive. Customers are able to click on any product available on the screen, or they can opt to skip to a particular sub-category (these sub-categories are populated from those that exist in the Products tab). Categories are located near the top of the screen, like the tab on the Revel Coffee Shop menu labeled "Main Menu". Subcategories are located below the selected category, like the tab on the Revel Coffee Shop menu labeled "Coffee", or "Espresso Drinks", so on and so forth.
  5. If a particular product has modifiers associated with it, the modifier screen will pop up, and prompt the customer for selection.


  6. Once modifiers are selected and the customer clicks Add Item, the item will be added to the Cart on the right-hand part of the screen.


  7. When the order is complete, the customer will then click Checkout to complete the payment. Customers will input their information on this screen, including selecting an order type, arrival time, any additional order notes, and finally the payment information. Depending on which settings are enabled in the Management Console, the payment options may vary:
  8. Once your order is complete, you will receive a confirmation notice on the screen, stating your Order ID, Order Type (Dine In, Carry out, Delivery, etc.), email address, pick up or delivery time, as well as any new points earned and total rewards balance*:


  9. Additionally, a screen will appear advising the email address where your receipt has been sent, as well as a final confirmation of your order details*:


Processing an Online Order

  1. When an order is placed online, it will send the information directly to the Revel iPad. This will appear on the main POS as radial badges on the Orders button (online orders are usually configured to appear on just one POS to avoid confusion).
  2. To access any of the online orders, tap on the Orders button, and then tap on Web Orders. It will display a list of online orders that are currently active.


    To briefly explain the meaning of the differing colored radial badges on the Orders button:

    Blue in the upper left corner indicates a held order. Since incoming online orders are automatically placed in the order queue, every online order placed will reflect a held order as well.

    Yellow in the upper right corner indicates the number of open online orders.

    Purple in the lower right corner indicates the number of new online orders.

    Note: To make sure that online orders are being printed to the kitchen, please check the printer settings in the Management Console under Settings > Kitchen View/Kitchen Print > Dining Options Printers > Online Ordering Printers, and make sure the printer you would like to print orders to is highlighted, and click Save.


  3. To pull up any of the online orders, tap on the order to highlight it, and then tap OK. The order will then populate on the order screen with the Customer Name, Pick-Up Time (if applicable), and Phone Number. Remember that these fields are being pulled from the information that the customer had entered during checkout.


  4. Depending on the method of payment, the order may appear as having a zero balance due, or an outstanding amount. If the balance due is zero, you can hit Pay and then Done to close out the order. If the order has a balance, like in the example above, take the payment and tap Done to complete the transaction. Once done, you may hand the client the order.

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