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The Product Mix Report shows the breakdown of each product's sales. It's a powerful tool to provide insight on the best selling and most profitable items. The pie chart shows the top ten products, either by product profit (this requires inputting product cost) or by quantity sold. There will be a large portion of the Top 10 Quantity Sold that is assigned to Other, which contains all products that do not fall in the top 10 slots.


Product Mix Report Tour

The different components of the Product Mix Report are:

  1. Top 10 Profit By Product Pie Graph: The pie graph on the left of the screen displays your top 10 most profitable products. This is based on product cost and product price. You must have product costs entered for your items in order for this graph to display.
  2. Top 10 Quantity Sold Pie Graph: The pie graph on the right side of the screen displays your top 10 most sold items. This is a great way to quickly see your most popular items.
  3. All Classes Filter: The first drop-down menu you will see on the right side of the header is the All Classes filter. If you are using product classes, you can sort by a specific class to see the sales for that class only.
  4. POS Station Filter: The POS station filter allows you to view the sales of just a single station at a time.
  5. Dining Option Filter: The dining option filter allows you to see the sales for just a single dining option, such as Eat In, To Go, or Delivery.
  6. Employees Filter: The employees filter allows you to see the sales of a specific employee.
  7. Time Frame Filter: The time frame filter allows you to choose the time duration you'd like to view.
  8. Open: Check this box if you'd like to include open orders in your view.
  9. Unpaid: Check this box if you'd like to include unpaid orders in your view.
  10. Irregular: Check this box if you'd like to include irregular orders in your view.
  11. Web Orders Only: Check this box if you'd like to see sales from online ordering only:

Product Mix Report Details

There are several details you can choose to include or exclude in your Product Mix Report. Click the pencil icon to the right of the page under the graphs to access the details. The details are:

  1. Sort Preference: The sort preference allows you to choose how you'd like your products sorted. You can choose:
    • Sort by Parent Class
    • Sort by Class
    • Sort by Product
    • Sort by Vendor
  2. Fields to Display: Here you choose which product details you'd like to see. You can select:
    • Product
    • Class
    • Split Items Sold as Part of Combos
    • Modifier
    • Category
    • SKU/ Barcode
    • Description
  3. Quantity: The quantity section will adjust the quantity that displays next to each product. You can choose:
    • Include Returns, Exchanges & Comp in Quantity Column
    • Include Comp in Quantity Column; Display Returns & Exchanges in a Separate Column
    • Include Returns & Exchanges in Quantity Column; Display Comp in a Separate Column
    • Include Returns, Exchanges & Comp in a Separate Column from Quantity
    • Include Returns, Exchanges & Comps Each in Their Own Separate Column
  4. Sales: The sales section allows you to select the sales data you'd like to view. You can select:
    • % Total Sales
    • Percent of Total Sales Column
    • Separate Taxable & Non-Taxable Sales
    • CRV Fee Column
  5. Discount Columns: Here you can select to view Item Discounts and Order Discounts in your product breakdown.
  6. Taxes: The taxes section allows you to choose:
    • Tax Column
    • Include Tax in Sales
    • CRV Tax Column
  7. Margin/ Pricing Columns: Here you can choose:
    • Cost of Goods Sold %
    • Average Price
    • Gross Margin
    • MSRP
    • Gross Margin %:

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